Monday, December 29, 2014

The cost of living and dying of apathy...and why you should reject status quo

What apathy looks like to me...risk is that it can feel like being content

Do you know the true cost of living?

I have a few words for an already over crowded world of opinions.  In the middle of life, every once in a while, there is an intersection between the status quo and the urge to squash apathy and let passion overtake lethargy and a need to do more than what is expected.

I find myself at just such an intersection.  And it will not come across as a thundering explosion or a walk on Wall Street, but rather a quiet resurrection of righting small, but clearly “wrong” oversights. 

So here I go…if you order something to eat, whether it be a fast food drive through or an indulgent, sit down meal…if they don’t get it right, send it back.

While I have long since abandoned the time drain of what's wrong with customer service and billings, I still believe cable and cell phone bills still warrant a good tongue lashing. 

And if you find yourself in a situation that is only half way meeting your expectations in life, you may not be able to send it back…but you can make it work for you.

Stop drowning in mediocrity and apathy.  Stand up and find your voice. 

It may be your voice or one for those who cannot speak for themselves.  And you may not even realize how far your voice can travel.

Accept what you cannot change, but if you do nothing else in life…recognize what you can and should change. 


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