Sunday, September 27, 2015

Organic Growth in Any Environment

What does your fertilizer look like?
It’s funny that of all the things I could write about on a Sunday afternoon, the topic that seems to be bubbling to the surface is my personal approach to professional networking. 

Like most business, it’s tough…not always natural, and it doesn’t always work.  I know this because it’s not the tactic I lead with every day. 

In an environment where organic sales growth is tough, hard fought and won…I have found that organic networking is completely natural, easy to do, and doesn’t involve conquering or dominance.

There are a lot of business savvy people, who could teach you way more than me.  I wonder, though, if you applied the principle of business growth in a personal way…if your bottom line might net more than you could ever imagine.

Let’s consider basic business first…you start a business, it takes off and you continue to look for new opportunities to grow that business while still protecting and nurturing your base business.

If you were a business and you needed to report on your “earnings”…how would that translate into the value of networking and people?

In simple accounting terms, organic growth is cultivated by business expansion and not because of acquisition of another company.  It’s about internal growth from existing businesses.

So what if inorganic growth in relationships was compared in parallel to the business environment, where relationships were very deliberate and intentional, strategically manipulating a company’s position for growth through mergers or acquisitions?

What would that look like?  Full transparency, it probably looks a lot like what we all do every day when we go to work.  Because in business, we’re less “touchy/feely” and like to think succeeding in business has to be strategic and navigated from the helm.  I agree in principle to the overall approach for running a business.  But if I consider in comparison to relationships, I would argue that organic is better and easier, and a more practical approach to day to day living that improves the bottom line for everyone.

My current finances would likely not gain me “street creds” to debate earnings or business growth.  But organic growth?  I would argue that we can all be masters at the fine art of being human and growing our networks the old fashioned way, investing more time and less fertilizer J 

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Sunday, September 13, 2015

How Much is it Worth?

Ever ask that question…or have someone ask you?  Ever pick-up something and feel grateful you found a hidden treasure within your reach?

I do that every day.  I like decorating…and antiques have always held a special fascination for me.  Anything that survives for more than a 100 years and lands in my home…well, it usually becomes a new family heirloom for the future.

But how do you define value?  How do you decide what something is worth?  It’s kind of subjective, right?  I mean some things are fairly straight forward…a collectible piece of art will have an appraised value.  Your car can be looked up on Kelly Blue Book.  And your house, if you are fortunate enough to own one, has a shared value between you and the mortgage company.

I have experienced envy for things I want but don’t need… can’t have or can’t afford.  And I have pulled myself back to the basics…realizing what’s important and what really matters.

Put stock in the value you see in life.  Define what matters and who deserves to be cared for and saved, starting with yourself.

We are all guilty of putting a price on what we value.  But if we’re honest, objects and things hold no true value.  They may outlast the test of time, remaining long after our lifetimes.  But my real treasures in life are even more precious because they live and breath…are vulnerable…and don’t sit on a shelf to be dusted regularly.

My treasures are my children.  They are priceless, irreplaceable gems that make my life sparkle brighter whenever they are around. 

And unlike things that may fluctuate and go up or down in value, I know the value of my children to me will only increase and become greater year after year.  I know that having children is a gift that I was blessed with.  An investment in the future and one that will pay dividends for generations to come. 

So when you stop to check a price tag or wonder what something is worth, remember you already have everything you need at home.