Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Happy Love Day

I want to love Valentine's Day again! I did...once upon a time. I think probably the best times in my life where I embraced this Hallmark holiday were as a kid in grade school. Because back then, there was a different kind of build-up. We'd spend days decorating shoe boxes and placing a cut in the top for an opening to receive Valentines at the annual class party. I remember walking around desks in a serpentine-like row with other kids, carefully placing the small folded cards into home made boxes with bright red and pink construction paper. I can still smell the Elmer's glue and how we used to drip it on our fingertips to make molds of our fingerprints.

I know my generation talks about how the world has gone soft and kids are coddled and spoiled, with awards just for participation in various events. I'll let you in on a little secret...even back in the day, everyone got a Valentine on Valentine's Day. It was kind of an unwritten rule. Notes went home with the number of classmates and even if you didn't get a personalized could pretty much count on filling your shoebox with a stack of cards, candy, and the ever popular "Sweethearts" candy boxes.

Later, when "Friends" became attached to "boy-friend" and "girl-friend" it was more selective. High school was a crap shoot from year to year, depending on where you were in your awkward teen years and if you'd started dating. Student council took over the selection process and roses and candy were sold for a buck a piece to send to your "special someone" on this "special" day. I'm not gonna lie. I grew to like this holiday less and less as I got older and realized how much pressure society (yeah, okay that's a little deep for my low brow rant here) placed upon a single day. 

I read a few memes online today about making it Gal-entine's Day and other ways to celebrate a lover's holiday if you find yourself a solo act at this moment and time. I found sarcastic cartoons poking fun at the big day and found myself wanting to jump in. I thought about re-posting a poem I wrote decades ago with great fervor and passion. But then I remembered the early Valentine's Day card that came in the mail this week. No, it wasn't from a secret admirer or current love interest. It was reminiscent of my childhood celebrations and a time when I actually looked forward to this special day.

My sister sent me a home made card, with a special message. It is the best Valentine I have ever received and while it arrived in the US Mail in my mailbox at the end of the driveway, it held just as much magic as those cards that used to arrive in my homemade shoebox on my school desk.

Happy whatever way you celebrate the day...and to my sister, Cindy, happy love day to you too!