Saturday, April 6, 2019

Pressure Cooker of Life and Recipe for Success!

Sometimes I think life is a little like a pressure cooker.  We turn up the heat, throw a bunch of stuff inside, and stand…hand on hip…waiting for it to finish way faster than it should.

You can’t actually see what’s inside a pressure cooker when it’s cooking or test it to see when it’s ready.  You have to pace it, time it, and even then…you still wonder if you let the whistle simmer long enough.

And with life, it’s kind of the same thing.  You’re watching and waiting all the time…anticipating when it will be ready…complete. But you can’t check on it mid-way to see if it’s coming along or close to being the way you expect it to be.  You don’t always know when there’s too much pressure inside and sometimes impatience releases the steam too fast and with too much force, leaving you ill prepared for dealing with the outcome of any given situation.

So in life as with cooking, my advice is to always watch the burner so it doesn’t get too hot. Let out the steam at a slow and steady pace, being mindful not to burn yourself or anyone else nearby. Acknowledge that you won’t get it right every time and you will learn as you go. And most importantly, don’t worry about what anyone else is cooking!