Thursday, January 15, 2015

TBT - For anyone, who has had to fight for something and never gave up: Back to Kansas

In my last semester of college (4/1997), I was advised I was short 3 college credits to accommodate my minor.  I had to fight hard with the university to graduate on time.  It cost me a trip to Ireland to study literature and three weeks of my summer studying Forensics DNA and the Criminal Law:

Today, I will enter the gates of Oz.  After having traveled so far and taken so many detours.  Like Dorothy, I have begun to finally realize that most of what I have been looking for is in my own backyard.  But the experience has not been wasted.  Since each episode has given me a larger appreciation for what I already have.

So now it’s time for the home stretch.  The fate of my diploma rests in someone else’s hands.  Much like Dorothy, when she decides to leave home, and seeks the guidance of a wiser man…indeed, a wizard!  Yet the gatekeeper remained steadfast at his post, slamming the door in her face after having traveled so far, “Come back tomorrow!”

That is me.  I am Dorothy.  And like Dorothy, I will not be so easily turned away.  It will not be another day.  It will be today.  If it takes a witch’s broom, I’ll find one…nay, ten if need be.  But I will not be silenced.  I will be heard.  I have come too far and I can no more go back the way I came than Dorothy through her own tornado.  We two are both victims of catalysts that propelled us into change.  An irreversible process that can only continue, not stop or ever turn back.

I’ll take it to a higher power and the gates will open.


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