Thursday, February 12, 2015

#TBT Often Times . . . before there were #fiftyshades PG-13 #Valentine

A longing, lustful poem...from so long ago, a much younger self ...might make you go "Hmmmm..." when you read this and look at my reserved self now.  Lots of layers in this onion.  Keep peelin'!

Often Times

Often times I dream of a place where you and I are free
Where what we share and what we feel exists without degree

Often times you take me there
I'm sure you're unaware

But often times I find you trapped within my thoughts alone
You come up quietly from behind and slip your arms around me
I turn to meet you face to face
You look at me and answer the troubling question in my eyes

Silencing my doubts with your lips
And answering all I feel with your embrace
What starts as tender innocence quickly turns to flame
And I am engulfed in the passion exchanged between our bodies

Often times ... I think too much


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