Thursday, March 12, 2015

TBT - Guest Author....Mabel Sally Daly (RIP): Greeting of Love after 48 years of marriage

Among my Granny's things when she passed away years ago, a few treasures found lingering.  A surprisingly intimate and old fashioned love letter representing 48 years of marriage.  So surprising, yet heartwarming to know there was so much more depth than her role as Granny in our lives:

Love has no sense of time and is ageless

(Greeting of Love)

Covington, KY November 18, 1986

To My Dear Husband,

(after 48 years)

Familiarity Breeds Content

Although our married life is full of strife, if you proposed again I'd grab it.

And while it's sometimes very hard to be your wife,
It's also quite a pleasant habit.

Although our being wed has often led me to bemoan your imperfections.

It also seems that I have grown accustomed to you're face and other sections.

Althought there've been some tears throughout the years, it's been less hell than its been heaven.

We've loved each other well.  Let's keep up the good work in 1987.

Mabel Daly

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