Friday, May 29, 2015

21st Century vs. 20th Century Concert-Goers

Been a while since I caught a concert…sadly at least a decade (likely even longer than that), but mostly “the song remains the same.”  Caught Nelly, TLC, and NKOTB at the #MainEvent in Cincinnati this past week.  Took my two youngest sons, and grown niece, whose first concert was NKOTB in the 20th Century!!!!

21st Century vs. 20th Century Concert-Goers

Same…Skinny and scrawny girls still flirt with road crew and take seats
New…I-phone flashlight app replace Bic lights to “show the love”
Improved…Smart phones revolutionized flash bulb camera, making it possible to take actual photos of bands vs bright lights and blurry shadows.

Same…Bouncers still big and brawny
New…Bar scanned concert tickets
Improved…Said bar codes eliminate seat squatters

Same…Said skinny chics still can’t shake hard enough to avoid being bounced when they touch the band.
New…Crowded networks more challenging than packed parking lots, trying to post on Facebook or Twitter…and Periscope?  Forgetaboutit!
Improved…If you navigate said networks, you don’t have to wait until you get home to talk about the band (and your phone isn’t connected by a cord…and you may not even have a “house” phone).

Same... Nothing better than the silent ringing
after a loud concert, physical proof that a good time was had by all.
New…You don’t have to show up early to save your seats (see bar code above).
Improved…With age, comes children and nieces to reminisce…new “firsts” to share …and I must say that I still like NKOTB…those nice boys can still make a young girl scream…And one last thing… this gal is just as young as she always was.  ‘Nuff said!

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