Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Purge...Making Room to Grow!

Sampling of Sale
Took a break from our Saturday morning treasure hunts and decided to do a little cleaning out of our own…it only stands to reason that if you are a collector, at some point, you need to do a re-fresh and make room for new finds.

Not family heirlooms or anything like that…anything that remotely belonged to a family member or close friend, I cherish forever.  But all the “second time around” stuff…other treasures from different trees, they don’t always make the cut when I’m trimming my forest J

And so on this particular Saturday morning, I purged boxes and boxes…old and new stuff.  A few items, my husband had to pry out of my hand before I could let it go.  And wouldn’t you know, the items I hoped to keep (and priced especially high) were the ones that sold!

Made a little extra spending money, sent a bunch of remaining stuff to Goodwill…and importantly, made room for new and ever changing d├ęcor!

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