Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Writing a Wrong and Picking Up Speed


Day two of my “stay-cation” and not feeling much different than when I’m working.   I’m spending my vacation trying some grassroots social media efforts around the launch of my self-published book, Following the Path of the Dinosaurs, A Childhood Saved From Extinction.

This project started twenty years ago (earlier if you count the lovingly saved and incorporated journals from the 1980’s).  About six months ago, I joined the blogging community, after realizing that my time capsule of journals simply had been born at the wrong time, and that there was a brand new marketplace of ideas just waiting to engage and share with.

I won’t quit my day job.  Yeah, I do Google AdSense for site clicks.  And yes, I’ve got a decent following of my small, but well nourished blogs.  But this has always been a passion play and I realize that saying I am a writer does not mean it is profitable or sustainable, without a successful career at my day job.

What I do know for certain is that something went into overdrive for me as if a light switch turned on, waking me early on Saturday and Sunday mornings, keeping me up late night.  Suddenly I found myself working under self-imposed deadlines.  And my capacity to do more happened almost instantaneously, as if a storm cloud cleared the sky, and the sun brought an abundance of light and energy to my creative side.

My net worth on AdSense is a little over a dollar and I’ve given away more books than I’ve sold at this point (about three weeks after my book went live on Amazon and Kindle). 

And I’ve taken the most logical next step; I started writing my next book.  Because I recognize that writing a wrong and realizing a dream is way more fulfilling than living in the “what if” fairy tale land.  We all have day jobs, solid and successful careers.  We bring more passion to work when we feed our individual passions.  For me, it’s writing a wrong…and becoming a long overdue official author.

I realized that sleep is over rated and that if you stop thinking about all the things you want to do when you have more time, you’ll find that taking it to the next level…going from wishing and hoping….to going and getting…will make dreams reality and importantly, carve out time when you’re already running a fast sprint.  Dig in, feel the burn, and you’ll see the finish line is closer than you think.


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