Thursday, May 26, 2016

Pack Your Bags

If you were taking a trip, you’d likely know where you were going, what the weather would be like…how long you would be there…and what you would need while you were away.

But what about the other life journeys we take unexpectedly?  What about the ones that are not planned out…and yet we are still required to take action at a moment’s notice?  That’s when you realize that no matter how much preparation you do in anticipation of making a change or taking a journey, you usually wind up spending too much time thinking about what to take with you and not enough time considering what you should leave behind:

1.              The Past…if you’re headed to a new destination and on a path to higher learning, you must leave your past behind.
2.              Anger…with yourself, with others, for what life has dealt you and the cards you didn’t get.
3.              Forgiveness…don’t leave it behind, but make sure you’ve forgiven yourself and anyone else who has wronged you...learn life lessons the first go round, so you never have to look back.
4.              Regret…it’s pointless, not productive and keeps you from focusing on what really counts…YOU and YOUR future!
5.              Ignorance…not the child-like quality of wanting to see the best in people, but with new perspective that sadly, you cannot trust everyone.

Live in the moment, take chances...and remember to travel light when you PACK YOUR BAGS!

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