Friday, August 19, 2016

My First Harvest…a Cornucopia of Learning


  Sunflowers can be harvested too soon and be empty shells (garlic flavored cardboard)


            Corn may not be my thing after growing weeds last year, and a whopping three ears this season 

                   Tomatoes were the bumper crop and easy to grow


Kale fail…one caterpillar took my entire harvest (insert beautiful sunrise :)

                   Green beans are fun and a solid boost to ego, giving me a smile almost daily as I plucked a few beans nearly every morning…though never enough to do anything but snap and snack on the go

                    Sweet peppers can be claimed as a victory; plenty of peppers for variety of purposes (just please don't ask me about the's still too painful to talk about)

            A cucumber by any other name is NOT the same (a tale of my squash) - use caution planting similar vining plants too close together.  I "picked a cucumber" that turned out to be a squash.  

                    I can’t believe I never canned before…it’s awesome, cost effective…and makes you feel pretty good about making your own food from start to finish (okay, I may have been in a jam and a friend was kind enough to give me his strawberries, so I could learn how).

A star is born !


Humility – after creating a perfect batch of jalapeno jelly…only to find I used so much pectin, the jars are now decorative candles, requiring wicks to enjoy aroma.  

Epic Fail!


I’m gonna need a bigger garden next year…win or lose, it’s fun and I'm going to do it again!


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