Monday, October 10, 2016

Feeding Instructions for a Creative Mind...

For of the most creative minds I know!  

1.              If you see passion, you must feed it.  Even if further clarification and direction is needed, listen and encourage further exploration.

2.              Nurture and cultivate…surround a creative mind with the tools necessary to grow.  Sometimes that may mean something as simple as a paintbrush or a power tool.

3.              When given the right environment, ideas, like seeds, will grow and develop into beautiful blooms.  And the right environment is not always the same for every individual.

4.              Give careful attention to watering and sunshine…you cannot over stimulate creativity.  Left unattended, it will still grow, but you’ll never know how much bigger it might have been with a little extra encouragement.

5.              Leave room for personal growth from within…equally important, remember to allow outside stimuli to ignite even bigger opportunities to challenge the creative mind.

6.              Never put fences around dreams; we all decide for ourselves “what’s possible.”  Fences, by design, are intended to keep something in…a creative mind in a contained area is like giving an artist a blank canvas and then limiting the space for use to a single corner.

7.               Given the chance to dream big, you may find that very few things in life are impossible!  


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