Monday, January 26, 2015

#Blizzardof2016 : 10 tips to help survive boredom during the blizzard!

  .  Play #Scrabble if you’ve got a friend; play #Wordswithfriends if you need one.

2.    Plan your summer vacation.

3.    Organize your closets.

4.    Check on your elderly neighbors.

5.    If you live in an apartment complex, consider an indoor block party and share your food rations for the storm.

6.    Play #CandyCrush.

7.    Build a Snowman if the snow isn’t blocking your front door.

8.    If it is, construct an igloo or dig a tunnel.

9.    If you have kids, tell them you walked ten miles uphill, both ways, in blinding snow when you were a kid.

  .   Above all else, pray your satellite and internet connections weather the wind and snow...if you lose connection, all bets are off and you will have to dig your way out immediately or risk a slow and painful death from boredom and #Instagram, #Facebook and #Twitter withdrawal.


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