Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Soap Scum, #BubbleBeards, and Learning to Live with Both

Well it was bound to happen.  I started off the new-year with this blog, full of hope and inspiration. And already I'm feeling the need to be inspired more than inspire.

Let’s face it.  With every new-year, we all start strong…in the gym, on a diet, giving up something or taking up something new.  And usually after the first few months, we settle in with more realistic goals.  In order to continue to soar and continue to succeed, you also have to learn how to turn out of a nose-dive before you crash.  And obviously, appreciate the blue skies when the rain comes back into your life.  It is within that delicate balance I find myself floating in the bubble that represents my life.

This evening, I took a bubble bath….sat in the tub with stacks of suds.  Intently focusing on trying to relax, I closed my eyes, and listened to the silence.  I was deep in thought when I made two simple, but important observations…1. I was trying way too hard; and 2. #BathandBodyWorks #StressRelief makes way better bubbles than #MrBubbles did when I was a kid.

It made me smile and laugh a little… and reach a simple, yet profound enlightenment.  It’s not in a sleep machine, with soothing sounds lulling me to sleep each night.  It’s not scheduling more or less.  It doesn’t come over the counter and while meditation can help you relax, it’s not required.  Soaking in the tub, I gave in to a childish whim.  I scooped up mounds of bubbles, cupping them in my hands.  I held my breath for a second, and just as I had as a child, made silly bubble beards on my face.

Crazy, you say?  Perhaps, but let me leave you with this final thought and a challenge…in life, you’ve gotta take the soap scum with the bubbles.  You might as well clean up as you go and make #bubblebeards along the way!  

Your challenge:  Show me your #bubblebeards and I'll show you mine (keep it clean)!


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