Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Inside Out and the True Beauty of Living

For a friend, who shares the same sadness.  Something I wrote a long time ago before the greatest loss in my life.  I hope this brightens her day.

Thanksgiving, 1994
Inside Out

I see you inside out as I look at you each day
I see you safe and sound though some have more to say

In your eyes I look past the surface, beyond mortality
And see your blessed soul reaching out for eternity

I can't picture troubled seas that plague you in the night
No earthly obstacles can hold you back from His guiding light

All I truly see is the love you give and the knowledge you impart
It shines back brightly when I look from inside out my heart

I am thankful for the love we share as fathers and daughters do

Mostly I'm grateful for the Father shared from above in us two

Because I know the truth in Him and that you know the same
I know this every time we share and speak of love in his name

I pray for strength for you and me and all others in our place
For peace inside that calms the storms that we need not embrace

So if you're ever wondering just how you look to me
Dad, you've never looked better though some might disagree

But share with them what you've shared with me and they will see
A different light, a marvelous view, your true life inside out

There rarely seems a moment fit for these feelings in my heart
I can only hope and pray you see the same in me

When you go wondering how I am, just look inside out my heart
And I will do the same - I love you Dad


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