Thursday, April 2, 2015

TBT - The More attractive You!


Reflections of a single woman in her early 20's...and the most attractive mirror!

Pressure is the stumbling block for most people.  The inability to complete a number of tasks in the time allotted or the inability to meet the obligations set forth from the very beginning.

Once realized, it is increasingly more difficult to succeed, the mind constantly preying on the fear that all will not work out and one will fail miserably.

Shadows from the past linger and refuse to fade into darkness and the reality of the future tears into the present.  Getting a grip to hold on to what is and what will be, careful not to let go of the present until the future is secured.  A well calculated step without any risks, save the possibility of hurting someone along the way.

The people who remain aloof, detached, and alone … those are the people deserving of true respect and admiration of courage and strength.  For it takes very little to settle one’s life nicely into the general scheme of things with a partner.  It is far too easy to lay blame to one’s mate for failures along the way.  A solitary individual recognizes each failure, taking full responsibility.  There is no need to rationalize mistakes.  They are merely taken from a different point of view.  The learning process is constantly at work in the single mind.  Accept life’s challenges alone and without hesitation because challenge is not an option for the true self; more a simple requirement or price of admission for what is needed to succeed in life.   Not in monetary value or political stature.  But in the recognition you find when you think of all you are.  And find comfort in the simple fact of all you are not.  A grander look at the less glamorous side…but by far the more attractive – you.


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