Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Top Ten April Fools Tricks To Avoid…and One To Use

April Fools Day 2015

  1. Telling your boss you quit your job and chiming in “April Fools!” ten seconds too late.
  2. Over-reacting if your boss says “you’re fired…April Fools!” as you throw a waste can at the wall.
  3. Saran Wrap over toilet seats in company bathrooms.
  4. Telling your spouse you are having an affair.
  5. Telling your spouse you want a divorce.
  6. Telling anyone you are pregnant!
  7. Pretending to win the lottery…it’s old, not funny…and you just get everyone’s hopes up!  Don’t do it!
  8. Faking a serious injury…you might get one in return for your humor.
  9. Asking someone to marry you…and waiting two seconds too long as they willingly accept. (if this happens, see #5 above).
  10. Tell your kids there is no school….let them believe it, love it, and then send them to school….yeah, I know….but we must have some fun on April Fools!

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