Thursday, May 14, 2015

#Firstjobs, workplace productivity, and enjoying the view! 1986

This is what one of the machines looked like


I landed my first real job starting out in the cliché “mailroom” working part time, after dropping out of college at 19.

I loved my part time job running two big #Xerox copy machines, printing large batches of copy jobs for an insurance company.  Starting pay was $4.25 an hour and after six months, I earned a fifty cent per hour raise.  It might not sound like much now, but it was enough to raise my standard of living to afford $25.00 a week for groceries instead of $20.00 and the increased debt potential to take on a used car payment.

I timed the two machines just right throughout the day, collating sets on one side, while collecting copies from the other.  Kind of funny to think I was an early adopter of workplace productivity. J It was much simpler then, leaning on the tried and true model “common sense.”  I like to stay busy…makes the time go by faster.  I found a system that utilized every spare minute of my work shift, keep both machines running at all times.

Entry -level job benefits were much greater than I could appreciate at the time.  The chance to look out a 9th floor window at a bustling downtown community on a sunny day, the ability to “clock in” and “clock out” without having to check in later from home.  And there was a finite amount of work each day, clearly measurable by the output of my machines.

These days I am no less busy, salaried and no longer hourly, and feel fulfilled in the work I deliver every day.  But it’s a rare occasion that I take the opportunity to look outside and enjoy a beautiful skyline…and even rarer still when I don’t “check-in” at the end of the day.

I can appreciate both now.  Regardless of where we travel in life, we should always remember to look back and enjoy the view of where we’ve been.


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