Sunday, May 8, 2016

Christmas Morning for Moms!

Today’s my day!  And to all the other moms out there, Happy 
Mother’s Day! 

I’m geeked and giddy because this is like the best day of the year for me. I am a proud mom of three sons, spanning in age from 11 – 26 (yes, I’ve been mothering for decades…some might argue even longer than that J).

What I love about Mother’s Day:

1.              No one is ever truly ready to become a parent, but on Mother’s Day, we all get to enjoy the title and wear it with pride.

2.              It’s the single day of the year I am guilt free, lounging around the house, with my boys more than willing to pamper me with the little things that mean the most to me (as I sit here writing, my youngest has just brought me a big cup of ice, a can of Diet Coke, and a straw).

3.              If you play your cards right, it’s the one day of the year you don’t need to guilt your kids into doing anything…and you get one of those fabulous “aha” moments when you realize you are doing something right.  I see these “aha” moments more and more, and not just on Mother’s Day.  I’ve come to love and cherish being a mom of three sons (and accept that the toilet seat will not always be where I need it in the middle of the night). 

4.              It’s the equivalent of Christmas morning for kids; moms spend most days just doing what they do…having a day that is actually dedicated to us for being exactly who we want to be…hey, let’s all forgive this Hallmark holiday.  I love it!

5.              It’s not just about my children…I enjoy the love of my nieces and nephews, reaching out and telling me “Happy Mother’s Day.”  My nieces fully “represent” the daughters I never had (Heather…for you, my girl).

For Alex, Pete, and Christian.  You make your mama proud every day!  And please put the seat down.  The porcelain is cold, and slippery when wet ...ewwww. J

And a very Happy Mother's Day to my mom!  Love you mama!

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