Saturday, June 4, 2016

Blog #100 ... and My Favorite "Moments"

So I feel a little pressure in writing this…it represents my 100th blog post, since I started in late 2014.

I want it to be impactful, spectacular…thought provoking…but I’ve lived long enough to know that some of the best lessons I’ve learned and shared rarely feel that way at the time.

Looking over at 99 snapshots from my life, I see a number of areas coming into focus, which seemed fuzzy before.  I have learned (or had to learn again and repeat the lesson):

When you see something you like, that makes you feel comforted, happy and safe…you should keep it.  There are still some things that time can’t touch and don’t have a price tag.  

A lifetime of experiences would be better served enjoying every moment of life instead of moving quickly ahead and chanting, “We’re almost there.”  

Always watch the burner so it doesn’t get too hot, let out the steam slow and steady, being mindful not to burn yourself or anyone else nearby, and acknowledge that you won’t get it right every time and you will learn as you go, and most importantly, don’t worry about what anyone else is cooking! 

Much like kids with Minecraft, we are all "living" and trying to survive in the same world, trying to build it up and make it better.  Social media is one more tool to help enable all of us to make a bigger difference.  Don't feed the trolls and "don't mine at night!"

Organic growth?  I would argue that we can all be masters at the fine art of being human and growing our networks the old fashioned way, investing more time and less fertilizer J 

Generosity is a virtue I have embraced all my life…I now humbly accept that I don’t have a corner on the market, and accepting the generosity of someone else’s kindness does not compromise who I am, what I can do, and the confidence that I will still maintain the giving side within myself.

Every moment is like a new puzzle piece…it's interconnected and if you only stay within your borders, you may miss out on the opportunity to help shape an even bigger landscape.

If you ask me the greatest privilege of all, don’t laugh too hard when I tell you that beans and rice will always be at the top of my list.

No matter how much preparation you do in anticipation of making a change or taking a journey, you usually wind up spending too much time thinking about what to take with you and not enough time considering what you should leave behind.

Looking over my planting beds and vegetable garden, I finally realized I still have it made, living at home. I strongly recommend it…all it takes is looking at your four walls with a fresh set of eyes, where you can feel more than you see.


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